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Sleep: Series 3, Royal Institute of Oil Painters entry 2017

Art Artist Female Gregory Mason nude Oil Painting Paintings sleeping

Greg Mason ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2017

Sleep: Series 3 - £6000

This is the third painting in the series examining sleep - and in particular the unique way in which the human body holds itself in this most intimate of moments. I love the way we get an aerial window on the unconscious - playing the full figure into focus - set against the neutral backdrop of sheets and bed linen.

This will most likely be a series of about ten paintings - each focussing on an individual body signature as a celebration of the female form. Rosa, in this picture, will feature in two or three paintings and Series 4 is already underway in the studio. You can follow my Instagram for step-by-step videos and updates of this new painting as it develops.

Series 3 will be my entry for the ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition in London later this year. Following my success with Jenn in 2016 - I've been greatly encouraged to put in more work this time around.


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